Monday, September 19, 2011

Harriet Beecher Stowe

The tract "The Two Altars" was more like two short stories depicting the different lives of the American during 1776 and 1850. In the beginning the little kids bring our what is the major ideal of that era: sacrificing anything for liberty. There was a war and people did sacrifice things in order for the soldiers to keep on fighting for everyone's freedom. As read in the story, people did not think twice about giving them clothes, blankets, socks even their most prized possessions-- their family. The other story was the one of the black family during the 1850s in which a freed black man was tending to his family and trying to enjoy the supposed liberty in America but ended up being thrown into jail and later sold as a slave once more. Both of the stories indicated a struggle for liberty and sacrificing many things for it but it also depicts how slow things change among the human culture. After many had fought for this liberty, almost a century later there were people that were being ostracized and not able to enjoy the "liberty" this country offers.
Obviously, Stowe was trying to show that so many people died and suffered for this country which said they achieved this liberty from their motherland but did not give people the liberty they yearned for. Although the black man had achieved liberty, he was free, the power of the government made him go back to being enslaved. And even in the 20th century we could see similar occurrences. The black people were given different treatment and denied the rights any human being should have. A person couldn't receive the proper medical attention because they were less important than others with a lighter skin tone. But there is also a connection with any minority or women, even though people fought for everyone in the country not everyone here can benefit from it. I think it is good to be thankful for what we have but not always expect for the sacrifices we make to make a difference. The black family in the story did not do anything wrong but yet were going to be slaves again and not enjoy a peaceful family life. The white family was also forced to live without a father/husband so he could serve his country but nothing can ever replace the time that was lost and who knows if the father ever even came back.
Did the freed black man go to war also or was he just working for his family?
Why did they take the man back if he was free by the authority of the master?

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